across the bridge

A shout out to Ricardo Lopez, Erik Patak, and Sheik Liu in Megan Mette’s Video Art course for the amazing documentary detailing student life in the 19th ward.

land form first friday event at vsw - december 2, 6-9pm

Land Form First Friday EventFriday December 2, 6-9pm Gallery, Auditorium, Main Floor VSW The works in Land Form represent a contemporary shift in landscape depiction toward a completely human altered landscape as experienced through layers of technological mediation, a fragmented sense of reality, and complicated gestures toward the sublime—that which induces beauty and terror. Included are photographic prints, sculptures, and digital pieces by artists Thomas Albdorf, Lionel Bayol-Themines, Martin Brink, Mark Dorf, Katie Efstathiou, Carolyn Janssen, Anastasia Samoylova and featuring Quaking Aspen by Gary Metz. VSW has invited several locally-based artists working in film, video, light, sound


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