Documentary Attunements: From Voice to Audibility - Monday 2/19

Monday, February 19, 5:00 pm Humanities Center, Room D University of Rochester RSVP via Facebook Presenting a lecture by Pooja Rangan, Assistant Professor of English and Film and Media Studies at Amherst College, followed by a light dinner in the Humanities Center, and a rare 16mm screening of Goodbye CP (1972) organized by On Film. Free and open to the public. – In the field of documentary, voice, rather than point of view, is the prevailing metaphor for a film’s unique perspective, signaling the documentary genre’s textual emphasis on spoken words, as well as its social ethic of “giving voice.” Pooja Rangan’s talk will unpack the humanitarian resonances of this metaphor, as elaborated in h

Julia Kwon - Blanket Statement

Julia Kwon Blanket Statement Hartnett Gallery is pleased to present Julia Kwon’s Blanket Statement as the third exhibition of the 2017/18 calendar year. Join us for an opening night reception celebrating this unique exhibition. Julia Kwon constructs traditional and hybrid Korean textiles that comment on gender and ethnicity. She creates figures inside enlarged Korean object-wrapping cloth to express both the gravity and absurdity of objectification. The textiles symbolize constructed notions of what it means to be Korean or feminine. Her work is not simply a representation of minority identities but rather a commentary on the dehumanizing, problematic process of being identified, reduced and


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