Senior Art Exhibition opening in the Gallery @ the Art and Music Library on 4/29!

The Art and Music Library Gallery Presents: Fiona Jones, crosssection Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2nd from 5 pm to 7 pm at Art and Music Library Gallery Treat people cautiously because they wither and wilt. Learn how to revere, and offer kindness. Some do not treat flora and fauna with the delicacy that they deserve. For those who admire plant life, documentation is a practice of exploring creation and how we archive to preserve these fleeting bodies. We carefully dissect histories and anatomy to make a transparent diagram of the significance of their presence, to find meaning in each form. To perforate the skin of these structures is to scrutinize and disfigure the fragile, rendering p

4/18 & 4/19 : Breaking Boundaries with Video Games

SCHEDULE: 9-10 – Coffee and Play/Meet & Greet THE STRONG-10:00 Women in Games at The Strong National Museum of Play: Archiving and Inspiring Lisa Feinstein, VP for Institutional Advancement and a key player in the Women in Games initiative and Andrew Borman, digital curator and the person responsible for many of the interactives and visuals in the WIG exhibit.--confirmed 2/25 --confirmed again 3/13 in an email that they are both preparing an “integrated presentation that we will deliver together” LOCAL DEVS PANEL-10:45 (all confirmed by Loporcaro) Noelle Brandmier | Workinman Sam Cammarata | Aesthetician Labs Roh Crasta | Funkitron Kathryn DeFeo | Workinman Tiffany McFarlane | Lonely Egg St

Synthetic Adaptation by Dillon Kyle opens tomorrow! Join us at the reception on April 18 at 5pm.

Synthetic Adaptation is Dillon Kyle's senior thesis exhibition at the University of Rochester. Please come see the show at The Gallery @ the Art & Music Library on River Campus at the University of Rochester, from April 12th-27th, opening reception is April 18th at 5:00pm. Free and open to all. Using mediums previously unknown to me, I examine the ways in which the animals and plants that surrounded me in my home state of Texas have changed themselves to better survive in a harsh environment. Through a mix of photography, video, sound, and printmaking, I explore the similarities and differences in the behaviors of not only personally significant animals, but also using my own personal experi


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