Environmental Humanities & Art Multi-media Mixer

November 3, 2017


Environmental Humanities & Art Multi-media Mixer 

Monday, November 13th @7pm 
@The School of Live Culture Lab in Sage Art Center 

Featuring works by:
Detroit based Eco-Artist Bridget Quinn

Soundscapes by Jose Benjamin Escobar 
Environmental Mini-Opera by Sara De Franco  
Eco-Readings of theory, poetry, and prose by: 
Michelle Klein, Ria Karve, Gabi Lipschitz, Emilee Brecht, Yu Qingyi, Sara De Franco, and Broc Miller 


Artworks by: Michael Keane, Qin Jiaqi, Daniel Kim, Iain Speece, and Joey Blackshear 


Snacks and drinks including a keg of homemade kombucha and fermented nut cheeses!

for more info contact: lnadir@ur.rochester.edu

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