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Alum News! Heather Bischoff creates mural for building in downtown Crested Butte, CO

Anima on 3rd Street is inspired by the breath, spirit, and soul of flora & fauna living in the Dark Canyon Raggeds Wilderness. Mixed media elements from local newspapers envelop the trees and explore the motif of aspen eyes watching the forest, documenting stories. The elk embodies strength and stamina, modeled from the famous Plute Elk now residing at the CB History Museum. This massive mammal symbolizes the foundation of a community; knowing when to stop, persist, and allow space for change. A grove of aspen is a single organism that relies on interdependence from each tree to survive. These creatures remind us how to thrive in the high mountains and celebrate the glory of nature’s resilience.

Heather holds a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Rochester, New York and frequently travels to collect materials and cultural experience that inform her work. Now based in Colorado, her repertoire ranges from mixed media collage and artist books to large murals and immersive installations; exhibiting at festivals, public spaces, and galleries. An avid collaborator and freelance professional, Heather also volunteers and works for various creative non-profits. Learn more about Heather at or @postmasterbish on Instagram.

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