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Call for Artists/Collaborators! Work with a classical pianist!

The Collaboration: Artists will create visuals that respond to music performed by classical pianist, Alison Chiang, that will later be included in a spring recital at the Eastman School of Music. Depending on the number of artists, each piece or a set of pieces would have artwork drawn by one artist and would reflect a combined storyline or image imagined by both Chiang and the artist. Still art, digital art, video, or whatever sort of visual that aptly reflects the piece can be used. The sessions can be done on the River Campus or Eastman as long as there is access to a piano.

Title/Theme: Pictures at an Exhibition

Abstract: Inspired by Walt Disney's Fantasia, this recital aims to combine the classical piano performance with artwork inspired by the music. Each work (9 Rachmaninoff Etudes, Prokofiev 8th Sonata) will be accompanied by artwork that reflects the artists' reaction to the music. The goal is to present a new, personal, and unique blend of art and classical music.

Recital Date: April 7, 2019, Hatch Recital Hall (Eastman School of Music)

Contact Alison, if interested in collaborating:

About Alison: As a classical pianist in the rapidly changing society, Alison Chiang views music as a medium of communal interaction and a vehicle for personal expression. Through her performances, Alison strives not only to communicate the natural beauty of music, but also to connect and share with the audience on the deeper emotions of human life.

Pursuing her Doctorate in Piano Performance at the Eastman School of Music, Alison performs regularly at local senior homes and community centers in addition to her solo, chamber, and academic studies. She owes her musical development to her extraordinary teachers, Natalya Antonova and Nelita True at Eastman, Pamela Mia Paul at University of North Texas, and Olga Radosavljevich at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

A recent winner of the Lewisville International Piano Competition (Texas) and Wideman International Piano Competition (Louisiana), she sees competitions as an important aspect of artistic growth and performance experience through the process of striving for pianistic excellence and finding a unique, personal voice. Her other achievements include top prizes in the Seattle International Piano Competition, Thousands Islands International Competition for Young People, and the Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin Piano Competition. In addition, Alison has appeared as a concerto soloist with the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Woman’s Orchestra, the Collin County Symphony Orchestra, the Lewisville Lake Symphony Orchestra, and the Shreveport Symphony.

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