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Waitlist contacts

SART 111 - Intro to drawing contact: Joshua Enck

SART 121 - Intro to painting contact: Emily Tyman

SART 131 - Intro to Sculpture contact: Annalisa Barron

SART 141 - Intro to photography TR 2 - 4:40PM session contact: Megan Metté

SART 141 - Intro to photography MW 10:25AM - 1:05PM session contact: Kirby Pilcher


SART 151 - New Media and Emerging Practices contact: Andrew Salomon

SART 153 - Intro to Sound art contact: Cary Adams

SART 161 - Intro to Video art contact: Jason Middleton and Dan LaTourette

SART 182 - Intro to printmaking contact: Aster Topolski

SART 190 - Intro to Studio Practice contact: Carolyn Gennari

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