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Sage equipment checkout Q/A

Q: Who may check out equipment?

A: Any student currently enrolled in a studio art class may check out equipment for their studio production after signing their contract.


Q: How do I get started?

A: All studio art students must sign an Equipment Checkout Contract each semester.  Once this is signed and turned in to the Equipment Manager you may check out equipment.

Q: When can I check out/in equipment?

A: Hours are Mondays 12pm - 3pm, Wednesdays 12pm-3pm

We HEAVILY encourage that you return equipment earlier in the hours so that we have as much available for those that need it.

Q: Can I checkout/return equipment outside the open hours?

A: Exceptions will only be made for outstanding circumstances and MUST be prearranged.


It is your responsibility to return equipment within the checkout hours.

Any exceptions MUST be prearranged through the Equipment Manager, the Studio Manager, or your Instructor.  

Q: When is equipment due back?

A: All equipment is due the following open checkout time


Checkout on Monday, return on Wednesday

Checkout on Wednesday, return on Monday


Q: What if I need equipment longer?

A: We have very limited stock so we generally do not grant longer periods.  If your project requires more time, please consider checking out on Wednesday so you have the entire weekend.


Exceptions MUST be preapproved through your instructor.  Students may NOT come to checkout and request an extended time unless their instructor has communicated the exception first.


Q: What happens if I do not return equipment on time?

A: Sage operates on a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy.  

  • First offense, you get a warning from the Equipment Manager

  • Second offense, your instructor is informed

  • Third offense, you lose the use of equipment checkout for the term without regard to assignments


Q: What happens if something breaks/is lost while I have it checked out?

A: Let us know ASAP!  First and foremost you have committed to keeping track of and properly handling our equipment. We also understand that accidents happen, and some circumstances are entirely out of your control.  Always let us know if something happens and we will work with you.


If we find (AKA you didn’t report it) damage or loss that you do not report, or determine that a loss is because of negligence you may lose access to equipment checkout.


If you have any questions please contact the Studio Manager, Equipment Checkout Manager, or your Instructor

Equipment Checkout Manager, Emma Bailie,

Studio Manager, Michael Leonard,

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