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printing at sage

All printing at sage is exclusively for studio art course materials. 

Printing for personal use is not permitted.


Files for print must be 100% ready.  We do not manipulate the files in any way.


We charge by linear inch at cost for printing.  The fees are dependent on the medium you select.

  • 60″ Lustre $1.95 / linear inch

  • 64″ Matte $2.00 / linear inch

  • 24″ Matte $1.00 / linear inch

  • 24″ Lustre $1.00 / linear inch

  • 17″ Acetate (transparency) 16.5″ printable space $1.90 / linear inch

  • 60" PhotoTex (sticky paper) 59" printable space $2.00 / linear inch


File Requirements:

  • jpg file saved “lastname_firstname_class.jpg”  
    (eg. john_smith_introphoto.jpg)

  • Adobe RGB (1998) color space must be used

  • Files must be 300dpi @ the physical dimensions expected  
    (eg. 24”x30” print would be 7200px x 9000px)

  • Prints must be paid for at pickup with cash or UROS (see above for costs)

  • Any exceptions to the print charges must be arranged in writing prior to the print being submitted and confirmed by the instructor.


Upload each file you wish to print using the link below.


All prints uploaded by 5pm will be available for pickup AFTER 5pm the following day Monday-Friday.  Be advised that print jobs submitted on Friday will not be available for pickup until the following Monday.

File Upload for Printing at Sage

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