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ecoarttech: art, environment, action! @ parsons new school for design, NYC, october 2012

Last week, Faculty member Cary Peppermint + Leila Nadir, collectively known as ecoarttech, worked with Parsons students and the public in NYC on a series of participatory workshops that spanned October 15-18.

Their goal: explore the wilderness of the Village.

Art, Environment, Action! is a creative teaching laboratory and environmental “artshop.” Bringing together artists, designers, architects, dancers, chefs and scientists who work at the intersections of art, pedagogy and ecology, it invites the public to join them to transform and activate the gallery. Designed as a “toybox” of possibilities, the program relies on participation. Visitors may engage through workshops, off-site explorations, walks, movement, radio, dialogue and interactive exchanges, encouraging their active participation as makers and thinkers. Curated by Radhika Subramaniam.

Cary and Leila was aided and joined by UR Alumnus Ian Wilson, an ecoarttech assistant and developer.

Learn more about ecoarttech’s residency, installation, and workshops or visit ecoarttech online:

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