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the city is asleep and dreaming

For One Night Only: Friday, December 7th 6-10pm

Location: National Bank building @ 35 State Street in downtown Rochester, New York.

The City is Asleep and Dreaming is a series of site-specific of public art exhibitions organized by Rochester artists Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge and Jason Bernagozzi. These events are designed to help develop a public dialogue about the transitioning identity of the city of Rochester and provoke a re-imagination of what public space is and what it could be.

The artworks for the December event are installed and performed for one night only at the old National Bank in downtown Rochester. Consisting of 18 visual, dance and performance artists from the western and central New York region, this event will address concepts surrounding the act of transformation while introducing the public to a space that appears to be frozen in time.Featuring Work By:D. Chase Angier Debora Bernagozzi Jason Bernagozzi Michael Bosworth Derek Crowe Jax Deluca Marketa Fantova Alysia Kaplan Heather Layton Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge Michael Leonard Cary Peppermint & Leila Nadir | EcoArtTech Sam Sadtler Allen C. Topolski

Also featuring artwork by Visual Studies Workshop graduate students: Amanda Chestnut, Robert Hoffman, and Mike McKay.This project is made possible through the support of Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Visual Studies Workshop, University of Rochester and Alfred State College.For more information on other First Friday events, go to

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