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alum love

Alum Love

UR Studio Art alumnus Emily Jane Dennis gave some insight into her time spent at Sage in a post on The Incubator, a blog run by The Rockefeller University community focused on hatching conversations about science:

What kept me coming back was the incredible creative energy I felt every time I walked in the door. People were always trying something new, something interesting. We failed a lot, but we kept trying, kept coming back, and kept sneaking in to work all night on our projects. In the end, we had created something… and sometimes, it was really good.

This is the same thing that I love about being a scientist: we are constantly doing new things. We’re answering questions that haven’t been asked and constantly proving our old hypotheses wrong and coming up with new ones… then proving those wrong all over again. We fail a lot too: sometimes nothing works, the results are unclear, or the experiment fails… but we keep trying, we keep learning, and we keep coming back. Each time getting closer and closer to some truth.

Well we must be doing something right…

It’s such great feedback to know that our methods and process resonate with artists – and scientists – years after leaving this place.

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