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new york city internship program - art new york

Art New York is an exciting internship program in which students (sophomore, junior, Senior, 5th year) from any field and department at the University of Rochester live in New York City while working at an internship in a prestigious art, media or cultural institution and taking 2 classes to complete a full 16 credit semester.

Students from any department can benefit from Art New York as all fields now interface with art and culture in some way. Students are immersed in the incredible expanse of cultural production that NY holds. In one of the classes students will learn about new media culture and new media production, while in the other we will be viewing, reading about and discussing many different forms of contemporary art, new media, video and film. Students are totally involved in the rich landscape that NY is while gaining valuable job skills and work experience as an insider in the NY art and cultural world. This experience has proved to be invaluable to the former ANY students, it has so enriched their perspectives their knowledge of contemporary art and culture and opened up new ways of thinking. It has helped to clarify their goals while opening up new opportunities. As a pre-professional program it has broadened their own sense of self-reliance and independence and their understanding of themselves as confident, able contributors to the professional field.

When it comes to arranging for an internship program, we try to match the student’s interests as best we can with an internship opportunity. We can place students in internships in fields such as PR Marketing, Architecture, Film and Media production, Film and Media PR/marketing, Visual Art, Photography, Animation, Music Field, Music Industry, Visual Effects, Special Effects, Theatre, Fashion, Industrial Design, Art Therapy, Interior Design, Magazines, Publishing, and many many more diverse fields.

This year the Art NY Colloquium will continue a special focus on entrepreneurship in the arts. We will devote seminars to the discussion of readings and innovative or entrepreneurial activity in the arts. Through an immersion in this class material, participating in their internships which are creative by nature and living in New York City the students will develop their own idea for an entrepreneurial project in the field of their interest.

Applications for the Art New York Program will be accepted during the spring semester ‘13 for the following spring’s program (‘14). Priority will be given to those students applying by March 21, 2013 or sooner, and after that it is a rolling admissions process if the program still has spaces.

Applications should be e-mailed to Art New York constitutes a full cluster in the humanities. Also, there is some flexibility as to how you can apply your credits. I am the resident director of the Art New York Program this spring, and you can e-mail me if you have any questions. An application can be downloaded from the Dept. of Art and Art History’s website – and click on applications.

Professor Elizabeth Cohen

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