sagefest schedule

April 19, 2013



Here are some important details:

  • Food and drink will be available (until it runs out…)

  • AsIs Gallery is showing new works

  • Kill Your Hypothesis silkscreen T-shirts are $5

  • Heat-sensitive I Want to Believe Sage mugs are $5

  • Music is happening the whole time

  • Games start at 5:30, Team Art will battle Team Science in the following order

    • Hill Bowling – 3 players from each team will roll bowling balls down the hill into nets with opening sizes corresponding to point values

    • No-So-Volleyball – The teams will face off in a rousing game of volleyball, simon says style

    • Spelling Bee – 3 Players from each team will showdown in a classic game of wits.

    • Raft Race – Both teams have been given an inflatable raft with the following instructions: get up and down the hill. one person must be in the raft at all times. 

  • Team Costumes will also be judged

  • The winning team will take home the prized trophy (and pride)…










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835 wilson blvd    university of rochester    rochester, ny    14627