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michael leonard’s ‘blind’ opening friday nov. 8 in art & music library gallery

This Friday, Nov. 8, at 6pm Sage Studio Manager Michael Leonard will be hosting a casual opening reception for his recent body of work “Blind” in the Art and Music Library Gallery at the University of Rochester. “Blind” addresses the socialized behaviors of isolation and dehumanization in the midst of social change. Currently focusing on the debate on human rights as they pertain to marriage equality and the fact that true social change needs and engages society; the viewer is put in the position have having to make an active choice while in the gallery to either engage or not. The engaged viewer gains full access to everything in the gallery. If choosing the latter the viewer themselves becomes one of the isolated, not being able to view any imagery. There will be food, drink, cute children and even a little art. Please feel free to bring friends and family with you.

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