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senior thesis series: erica huang’s “validation|invalidation” opens tomorrow, april 23rd from 6-9pm


microinvalidation (pl. microinvalidations):

1. A form of microaggression that excludes or negates a person’s thoughts or feelings or experiential reality.

2. Erica Huang’s senior thesis exhibition, “validation|invalidation,”attempts to address the personal experience of a difficulty in creating a cultural identity while being denied the existence of one’s heritage. The body of work creates a visual dialogue between photography stills of the Chinese-American life as framed by the artist and delicate silkscreen images of her own personal feelings towards it.

Framed in series of photographs with figures of the artist herself moving towards and away from the images, the subject matter portraysthe ongoingjourney of Huang’s relationship with her identities as she searches for the validation she desires.

Huang thus weaves a narrative about the struggle to effectively balance the effects of ethnic displacement in Western culture as a second-generation Chinese immigrant and her desire for reconciliation of the two.

3. Opening reception is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.


Event link here:

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