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senior thesis series: mj barbeau’s “eat it” opens tomorrow, april 30th from 6-9pm in the art & m

Every year, each senior Studio Arts major is provided the opportunity to utilize the use of two semesters or their Senior Studio and Seminar to put together their own thesis exhibition.

This year, MJ will be indulging into a universe of food. This exhibition of works explores the connection between body image in society and the effects via societal expectations, reactions, and preconceived ideology. Through combining extreme versions of everyday social scenarios in a dramatic exposure of colour, composition, and repetition, this exhibition uncovers the beautiful grotesque nature that society presses upon itself. This exhibition is comprised of a combination of acrylic on canvas, photography, and installation work all combined to challenge and redefine the true meaning of acceptance.

The show will be available for viewing from April 30th-May 16th during the Art & Music Library hours.

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