835 wilson blvd    university of rochester    rochester, ny    14627

tonight - paintallation: considering space opening Reception at 7pm asis gallery - handmade costume contest at 7:30pm

October 31, 2016

Advanced Painting students are hard at work making the finishing touches on their paintings and installations for Paintallation: Considering Space. For this exhibition, students in the Advanced Painting class were asked to create temporary installations, using paint, that consider the physical, intellectual, emotional, political, historical, cultural, and/or imaginary dimensions of “space”.


It is also All Hallow’s Eve! What better way to spend the evening than with art, food and candy, and a costume contest?


Opening reception begins at 7pm in AsIs Gallery, Sage Art Center.

The handmade costume contest will be judged at 7:30pm and includes prizes for 1st and 2nd place!



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