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land form first friday event at vsw - december 2, 6-9pm

Land Form First Friday EventFriday December 2, 6-9pm Gallery, Auditorium, Main Floor VSW

The works in Land Form represent a contemporary shift in landscape depiction toward a completely human altered landscape as experienced through layers of technological mediation, a fragmented sense of reality, and complicated gestures toward the sublime—that which induces beauty and terror. Included are photographic prints, sculptures, and digital pieces by artists Thomas Albdorf, Lionel Bayol-Themines, Martin Brink, Mark Dorf, Katie Efstathiou, Carolyn Janssen, Anastasia Samoylova and featuring Quaking Aspen by Gary Metz.

VSW has invited several locally-based artists working in film, video, light, sound, and performance to exhibit media installations around VSW as part of Land Form.

Artists include: Laurie O’Brien, Alysia Kaplan, Ashwin Manthripragada, Tara & Gordon Nelson, Dan Varenka, Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge, and CHB x.

Land Form will be up through March 18, 2017

Land Form media installations will be up through December 10, 2016

Gallery and Bookstore hours: Tuesday – Friday 12-7 pm, Saturdays 11-4 pm

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