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the art cart of rochester call for art donations

Call for Art Donations. The Art Cart of Rochester is a KEY Project created with the goal to provide a beneficial outlet for artists to discard excess artwork. Art that artists haven’t been able to sell, don’t have the room to store, or simply no longer want can be donated at the Art Cart. From there, the artwork is open to the public to take for free. We encourage artists to provide contact information with their donated artwork on tags we provide at the Art Cart and we encourage anyone who takes artwork to contact the artist, letting them know their work has found its way to a good home.

Our first Art Cart will be installed and operating in the Public Library of Rochester this coming Monday (3/27) but we are looking for initial donations that will accompany the Art Cart over to the install so that it is well stocked upon opening. These initial donations can be dropped off in Sage Art Center this Saturday and Sunday (3/25 & 3/26) on the white pedestal found underneath the stairs next to the entrance (signs directing artists to the pedestal will be posted at the entrance of Sage). Tags will be provided at the pedestal for artist to attach to their work with any information (name, title, email, etc.) they wish to accompany their piece(s).

For more information about The Art Cart of Rochester, you can checkout our website which will be going live in the coming days.

We greatly appreciate any donations and your interest!

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