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Experimental Archives - New Spring Course

New FMS Course for Spring 2018:

GER 280, SA 245

Tues | Thurs 4:50 - 7:30

Co-taught by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge (Studio Arts/Lens Based Media) and

June Hwang (Film & Media Studies)

What happens when we think of archives as exhibits and exhibits as archives? Archives do not just store facts and materials, they make traces of the past tangible. Like exhibits, archives create a context and an audience. By blurring these categories and exploring the multiple definitions of what an archive can be, we will explore questions of access, power and subjectivity in relation to creating and exhibiting art. The class projects will focus on photography with an emphasis on hybrid/multidisciplinary approaches to the medium such as site-specific installation and time/screen based imagery. Various digital and analog processes, inkjet printing, studio lighting techniques and exhibition strategies will be covered. In conjunction to their studio projects, students will view and analyze a range of artistic practices, read contemporary criticism and engage in probing discussions and original writing. This collaborative practice/theory course will take place in various locations on campus with the River Campus libraries as the main site for both research and production. Minimal experience with digital photography or related media is required.

Course cap: 15 students

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