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Sharon Hayes giving the Craig Owens Memorial Lecture - 4pm today

Craig Owens Lecture presents

“Queer Publicities”


Sharon Hayes

University of Pennsylvania Department of Fine Arts

TODAY at 4 pm

Gowen Room

Sharon is an internationally recognized artist and recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation award, and her talk, entitled “Queer Publicities,” will revolve around a a 5-channel video installation she completed in 2016, In My Little Corner of the World, which attempts to understand the growing significance of publicity as a tactic of communal discourse. Her focus on the near-past is influenced by the potent imbrication of private and public urgencies that she experienced in her own foundational encounters with feminism and AIDS activism. Hayes teaches in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Fine Arts.

This lecture is in memory of Craig Owens, one of the founders of the Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, who died at age of 39 from an AIDS-related illness. Speakers are chosen in part for their impact on the study of gender, feminism, sexuality, and identity.

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