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Take the Long Way Home, Gallery Q - opening Friday, December 1, 6-9pm

Take the Long Way Home Gallery Q 100 College Ave. Dec 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ImageOut and Gallery Q are joining forces once again. “Take the Long Way Home” features recent work by Nancy Topolski and Allen C. Topolski. This show marks the first time these two artists, a married couple, have exhibited their work together. Allen’s works from the “Things I Used to Need” series are attempts to relate imagery and representation to objects and function along a delicate line of comprehension – a line like the remaining one connecting us to what we have almost forgotten. The art that Nancy is exhibiting is resourced from the Visual Studies Workshop’s Soibelman Syndicate New Agency Archive as well as her own collection of materials pulled from old textbooks and vernacular photographs. Both artists are interested in the ways materials dictate their production. They incorporate found materials and a variety of processes in the reconfiguration of objects and images. These works and their parts and pieces, these images and their sources and ghosts, all attest to the artists’ desires, taste, and place in the world – they are indicators of the personal and the cultural. Because many of their works impel tenuous associations with the familiar, they situate comfortably in a place best accessed through memory and notions of place.

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