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On Duty and Spirit 2/28

On Film is very excited to present our Spring 2019 program “On Duty & Spirit: An Evening with Reece Auguiste," with the filmmaker in attendance, next Thursday, February 28 at 6pm (Sloan Auditorium, Goergen Hall).


Free and open to the public - Refreshment provided

Stillness Spirit (unreleased, 21 min, digital video)

An experimental essay film about the largest private collection of African art in Colorado and possibly the third largest in the nation. The film is structured so that viewers may experience the collection as if walking through a gallery of African art.

Duty of the Hour (2015, 59 min, digital video)

Explores the life and times of the American civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks,

(Total running time: 80 min., with approximately 20-30 min. of introductions and a post-screening discussion.)

More information about the event on our website:

Sponsored by: University of Rochester Department of Art & Art History, University of Rochester Department of American Studies, University of Rochester Department of English, University of Rochester Film and Media Studies Program, Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, and University of Rochester - AS&E Graduate Student Association, University of Rochester Department of History.

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