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Senior Art Exhibition opening in the Gallery @ the Art and Music Library on 4/29!

The Art and Music Library Gallery Presents:

Fiona Jones, crosssection

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2nd from 5 pm to 7 pm at Art and Music Library Gallery

Treat people cautiously because they wither and wilt. Learn how to revere, and offer kindness.

Some do not treat flora and fauna with the delicacy that they deserve. For those who admire plant life, documentation is a practice of exploring creation and how we archive to preserve these fleeting bodies. We carefully dissect histories and anatomy to make a transparent diagram of the significance of their presence, to find meaning in each form. To perforate the skin of these structures is to scrutinize and disfigure the fragile, rendering preservation a valuable task. Juxtaposing of the elegant and the crude is key to introducing yourself to the crosssection of living, to recognize how we see ourselves in the fauna.

Fiona Jones is a photographer and illustrator stranded in the snowy banks of Rochester, NY. She is a board member of Hartnett Gallery, previous creative director of ArtAwake, and contributor to a number of publications including LOGOS, MR. MA’AM and the Empty Closet.

You can reach Fiona at

The opening reception will take place on Thursday, May 2nd and the exhibit will remain on view until May 20th.

Please feel free to invite your friends to the Facebook event:

You can see more of Fiona’s works at her portfolio page:

Gallery Hours at the AMLG are

Monday -Thursday: 9am – 12am, Friday: 9am – 10pm, Saturday: 12pm – 12am, and Sun: 12pm – 12am.

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