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Call for Photographs! OLEDworks wants to see what you've got!

OLEDworks is looking for high quality photographs for their social media campaign which will run on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, providing an opportunity for aspiring photographers to reach a broader audience.

They are specifically looking for photographs that emphasize natural light. A figure with light shining through a window, light coming through stained glass in a church, the sun reflecting off of the ripples of water. Whatever inspires you! The subject matter of the photo can be WHATEVER you'd like, as long as: 1. Natural light is part of the focus of the photo, or can clearly be seen influencing the photo 2. It is appropriate to put on a corporate social media account (no violence/blood/sexuality/drugs/etc) 3. You are the sole owner of the photo If chosen, OLEDworks would tag you so that they can spread the awareness of your talents, while also allowing them to have some high-quality media on their pages that comes directly from Rochester's creative community. NOTE: OLEDWorks does not guarantee all photographs submitted will be used. There is no monetary compensation for the photographs submitted. When photographs are submitted to OLEDWorks, permissions are being granted for slight altering of the photo by the marketing department in the areas of: cropping/resizing/text overlay. Any further altering would require OLEDWorks to seek permission. Once submitted, the permissions of use granted to OLEDWorks cannot be taken away at any time in the future.

Interested??? Send jpg or png files to (files must fit in an email).

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