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See Create a Space Now at the Rochester Fringe Festival!

“Create A Space NOW” Performing at The Fielding Stage at Geva Theatre Center at 2019 FRINGE FESTIVAL. An immersive and site-specific theatrical experience using dance, film, and text to further the discussion around #BLACKLIVESMATTER and the recent events pertaining to race relations in America.

Directed by Hettie Barnhill and the cast features Amya Brice, Alexis Davis, Reenah Oshun Golden, Jerimiah Harper, Liliam Montilla, Isa Reese, Zoe Walders, and Dwight Young.

The Fielding Stage at Geva Theatre Center (75 Woodbury Blvd, #Rochester, #NewYork, 14607).

September 11th @ 7:00 PM &

September 14th @ 7:30 PM

The Fielding Stage at Geva Theatre Center

75 Woodbury Blvd, Rochester, NY, 14607).


$18.00 standard

$15.00 for Senior Citizens

$15 for students w/IDShowing September 11th @ 7:00pm & September 14th @ 7:30pm.

Click HERE to purchase ——>

Create A Space NOW was founded by Director & Choreographer, Hettie Barnhill, a Broadway performer, professor, activist and her husband Robert Gertler, filmmaker, writer, producer & director.

In this gripping performance, art imitates life. It holds a mirror to the audience and challenges the viewer through dance, film, and text to reflect upon themselves and their presence within the everyday narratives that are presented to them via social media, television, newspapers, politics, family and first-hand encounters. Witness a compelling evening covering topics such as WHITE FRAGILITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, ANTI-BLACKNESS, ANTI-QUEERNESS & RACIAL FEAR. It forces viewers to step outside of their own bodies and into bodies that continue to be brutalized, objectified and minimized within America. The tension of everyday life and the experiences of black and brown people are brilliantly woven together in ways that have yet to be seen on stage. Theatre-goers are left to decide if they will be active in the fight for this generation's civil rights or if they will simply sit on the sidelines.

“Power, knowledge, and truth stemming from art.” - Peter Lam

“It’s not about whether or not you are black. It is about continuing the conversation until it gets so loud, so contagious, that the only possible outcome, is change.” - Lauren Schofield

“It’s honest, raw, powerful, and necessary.” - Christine Grounds

“This is where humanity lies.” - Bianca Golden

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