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Course Offering: Playing with Gender - Video Games and Social Identity

MAY 18 - JUNE 12

GSW 132 Playing with Gender: Video Games and Social Identity

Description: “Playing with Gender” takes a two-pronged approach to teaching issues of gender and sexuality in video games. First, we learn about and discuss ongoing debates in feminism and queer theory as the basis to critique mainstream video games. In what is now the most lucrative medium, women and LGBTQI+ identities are historically underrepresented or represented in problematic ways. This portion of the class teaches how playing games can be mobilized into a mode of cultural critique. Second, with the rise of digital distribution and independently developed games, previous forms of gatekeeping are less strong. Independent video games have given rise to an alternative canon of games that deal with issues of gender and sexuality by simultaneously challenging the very form of gaming (beyond creating a female protagonist in a traditionally male role). Students will keep a weekly gaming journal, write a piece of video game criticism, and produce a final project.

MTWR 1pm - 4pm

MAY 18 - JUNE 12


Diversity Course: Yes

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