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Senior Thesis Spotlight: Kimberly Llajaruna Peralta

The present show is based on the concept of Supernormal Stimuli that explains why animals are more stimulated by exaggerated characteristics than normal ones. Based on that notion and combining traditional and modern art techniques, such as photography and digital drawing, the goal is to play with the relationship of how technology can help to super stimulate. The “Hyperrealism” project focuses on creating a digital filter that plays with overstimulating humans to change their features for unreal proportions or characteristics based on an organic drawing altered with unnatural colors. “Face it Up” is a photography project with AR that is based on the interaction that humans have between the real and the social media influenced life. By creating two scenarios, one of the real-life and another one that lives on the Augmented Reality, this disparity can be compared. Finally, “Hidden” is a photography project that portrays the idea of separation between the public and the private sphere. The public sphere shows the accepted by society side meanwhile the private one focuses on the stimulation of the body characteristics in the private sphere.

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