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9/8 Art New York Info Session

Want to earn credit for an internship in New York City that situates your program of study within the art world? The Art New York program might just be the program for you. Join us at an info session on September 8 at 6pm in Frontispace. Frontispace is the gallery at the entrance to the Art and Music Library located in Rush Rhees Library. Students in the Art New York program do not need to be art majors or minors and no previous art experience is required. As part of the program, students earn 16 credits, broken down as follows: Internship (8 credits // 14-16 hours/week). Former students have received internships in institutions including museums, marketing firms, architects’ offices, artist and dance studios, non-for-profit community organizations, film and music production companies and educational settings with the aim of fostering an understanding of how art/design/media is produced, distributed, funded, collected, curated, written about and presented. Colloquium course (4 credits). This course prompts students to immerse themselves within one of the most vibrant and cutting-edge art worlds through a series of museum visits, guest speaker events, readings, and discussions.

Studio Art course (4 credits). No previous art experience is required for this experimental, open-media, NYC-themed art course. Students will have the option to respond to prompts using painting, video, poetry, drawing, sculpture, photography, sound and/or performance.

Students can find more information about the program here:


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