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Brian Petrone @ Hartnett Gallery

The Hartnett Gallery is pleased to announce Brian Petrone: Sites and Non-Sites, our newest exhibition that will run from September 30th to October 23rd. Please join us this Thursday for an artist talk and reception—information regarding both is on the poster above and our website.

Brian Petrone is an architect and artist who lives in Chicago. His practice explores the nature of place and the ways in which people mark the earth. Mr. Petrone’s studio work includes sculptural paintings that grow from the two-dimensional plane. He also creates site-specific installations that delve into the history of the people and the site in which they are created. During the summer of 2021, Mr. Petrone has been selected to create three art installations in the Midwest. The first, entitled Inhabit, is currently on display at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a site-specific piece that announces the arrival of the UICA in their new building and will remain on display through 2023. The second, entitled Downstream, is installed on the Riverwalk in Dubuque, Iowa. This piece is a scale model of the Mississippi River watershed, with the conceptual goal of reminding us that the actions of a few can yield greater consequences downstream. The third piece, entitled Glacier: Evanston, will be part of the Terrain Biennial in October. This international show enlists over 500 artists to create work on streets and front yards across the world.


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