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SAGEFEST 13: the infamous annual celebration of visual art is back!

On March 29 from 5-9pm, the entire UR community is invited to join us at Sage Art Center for Sagefest 13!

Enjoy our student art exhibition, Remixes, in ASIS Gallery, performances by artists Daniel Melo Morales, BIODANCE, and Greg Woodsbie. These performances are happening in conjunction with our event RESPONSE. Additionally, there will be workshops, art activities, and artwork for sale. We hope to see you there!

About the exhibition:


How do things change (or not) over time? How does looking at the same subject over and over, shifts our perspective? For seven weeks, students observed and photographed the same thing – a location, an object, a living being, a gesture, etc. From the pool of images collected, a collage in the form of a map was created. This map will change over time. Elements are added and/or removed throughout the duration of the exhibition. These works are by students of the course Expanded Photography: Remixes & Collages.

More information about RESPONSE can be found here.

Important times to note:

5:15pm–6:15pm Zines workshop

6pm–6:45pm performance by Daniel Melo Morales

7:15pm–8:15pm performance by BIODANCE and Greg Woodsbie

8pm–9pm printmaking workshop (SEATS ARE LIMITED)


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