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Virtual workshop tonight 5:30-6:30pm: Portfolio Development with Wix

Do you need to create an online portfolio to display your work? Unsure where to start or what resources to utilize? Join Wix staff to learn more about creating your online portfolio website. We’ll cover how to plan a website, how to use the Wix platform, and explore professional design features. Sign-up to discover the basics in creating a Wix website as well as features to take your portfolio to the next level. And... a one-year FREE Wix premium plan to all attendees! All students and all majors are welcome, especially AME, DMS, FMS, Studio Art and other creatives! is a free online resource that allows you to build websites to showcase your achievements and projects either through designer-made templates or the ability to start from scratch! Check out more here:

Register for the workshop here:


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