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Social Activism in Printmaking


The work in collaboration with artists from the Intro to Printmaking course in SPRING 2021 and Justice for Asian Americans Coalition reveals local and national stories of AAPI discrimination/violence. A warm color scheme for unified elements highlights the work as well as the emphasis of negative space to signify the erasure of the stories and voices that have been silenced. Artists: Madeline Coleman, Megan Cooke, Sierra Falcone, and Alison Peyton, JFAA Coalition: Amanda Liang, Sunnie Limson, Anh-Tho Antoinette Nguyen, and Arnav Sharma



The work in this portfolio examines different portrayals of systemic racism. One central component is the way in which the artists use motifs indicating vulnerability of the people they affect. This is highlighted in opposition to prejudice underlying central facets of society, including codes signed into everyday imagery and scenes. Artists: Joanna Argudo, Emma Bentley, Mya Fisher, Mahir Ismail, and Lauren Sigda

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