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Frontispace is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Madeline Coleman.


Madeline Coleman is a multidisciplinary artist from Pennsylvania. She is currently studying at the University of Rochester, and will graduate with a B.A. in Studio Arts and a minor in Psychology, in spring of 2023. Her work has recently been shown in a solo exhibition at Colleen Buzzard Studio, and in group exhibitions at the As/Is Gallery at the University of Rochester, and at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, where she was an invited speaker. Her work has been published online at Fusion Art, and in the LOGOS art and literature journal.


Coleman’s work distorts the intrinsic purpose of familiar objects, using their natural state as canvas with which to express the uncomfortable, and far too unspoken, mentally ill experience. Through manipulation of elements such as materiality or scale, these objects become personified through their flaws and non-functionality. And through the separation and absurd physicalization of feelings, there is catharsis.


In the rest of it, Coleman explores the extremes of her personal experiences being bipolar. Objects once familiar, have been contorted and compounded into modified bodies of difficult feelings. A pile of clothes has become a monumental mass of formidable emotional weight. A headboard softens and grows gated by fluff and blasphemy. Though opposing, these two paths reach the same end.

Coleman asks that the viewer approach the rest of it, and find the rest at the end of it.

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