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Submission deadline : May 8, 2020 Our campus community has dispersed for the semester, but we at Sage Art Center would like to bring the community back together outside of the classroom by cultivating an online exhibition of art made by students, faculty, and staff at the UR. ​ We will accept image, video, and/or sound files documenting work made prior to or during social distancing and will display them on our website at and on our instagram account @sageart. When submitting work, include your name, title of the work, and any other information you'd like to share in the description field. ​ Visit

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Sam Kerber

Closeness Greatly exaggerated outlets Clear wiring of each Main switch Branch circuit box Three wire circuit I'm just people watching, The other people watching me. ​ A black wire from the main circuit panel We're as lonely as we want to be. Brass terminal lettered B1, Left-hand side of combination switch. Nickel plated terminal, I don't need anyone. Insulation of this wire is removed We're just as lonely as we want to be. ​ Before connecting to B-2, I don't need anyone. Insulation of this wire is removed I'm just you, Three white wires plated terminal. Black and yellow wires terminating at outlet D. Splicing to attach, Pull chain. I just need everyone and then some. I don't need anyone. Wat

Senior Thesis Spotlight: George Muiruri

Habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency to practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” Consequence is “a result or effect of an action or condition.” On this space, Muiruri explores the compounded effect of repetition in relation to habit and addiction. As dots join to form lines, which may intersect to form different shapes, decisions lead to actions which then have consequences. The complexity of the result depends on its cause/individual components. Simple shapes maybe used repeatedly to form a compound shape or combined with color to create new meaning. Visit the virtual exhibition at

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Kimberly Llajaruna Peralta

The present show is based on the concept of Supernormal Stimuli that explains why animals are more stimulated by exaggerated characteristics than normal ones. Based on that notion and combining traditional and modern art techniques, such as photography and digital drawing, the goal is to play with the relationship of how technology can help to super stimulate. The “Hyperrealism” project focuses on creating a digital filter that plays with overstimulating humans to change their features for unreal proportions or characteristics based on an organic drawing altered with unnatural colors. “Face it Up” is a photography project with AR that is based on the interaction that humans have between the

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Rucheng Zhou

Rucheng Zhou finds inspiration in books, films and religion. Inside the ambiguity of all of them is where her imagination takes off. She embraces familiar narratives and illustrates her perspective, often melding cultures and religious iconography and creating her own fantasy-based mythologies. Zhou was most inspired by The Divine Comedy by Dante when she was young. It formed her ideas of heaven and hell - of angels and monsters - of new worlds that she never before imagined. Zhou’s art now comes from her desire to establish these worlds - to situate her characters in believable, relevant and yet imaginative scenes inside complex and layered stories often revealed through a collision of diff

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Mikayla Shunk

From the artist: My lens-based media explores the connections between human expression and interactions. My fascination with human psychology and the ‘passing thought’ prompted a process to document a subject’s emotional expression and reveal their thoughts at that moment. While the photographic process aligns with our notions of ‘capturing the moment,’ the photo transfer process expands the images’ material presence. I was able to capture the essence of a human with the facial expressions that instinctively reacted to the subject’s thoughts. The audience is granted an extended and tangible opportunity to embrace a fleeting moment while I relish the meaningful human exchange. Visit the virtu

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Yue Quan

Yue Quan’s artistic practice is centered around establishing a dialogue between herself and her larger identities. Motivated by her passion for gender studies and the urge to celebrate traditional Chinese art practices, she develops an iconography of women that combines traditional portrayals with contemporary aesthetics and issues. Quan’s Tales of Water series depicts women unfazed in the midst of otherworldly scenarios that nonetheless mirror real-world misogyny. Her other works in this virtual exhibition are centered around similar topics but are voiced through a different vocabulary. For some, isn’t the mundane everyday life as strange as freak occurrences? Visit the virtual exhibition a

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Xuanzi Chen

Xuanzi Chen incorporates and distorts the inherent nature of things and brings a new interpretation to each object. Drawn to the fading tradition of the hand-made and connected to the beauty of nature, Chen sees dried leaves in the wrinkles of old fabric, the shapes and textures of trees in ceramic vessels, and autumn in the palette of her abstract paintings. She makes the buttons of the clothes by using porcelain, and hand-dyes the natural fabric with organic pigments to display her patient attachment to ‘making’ – a tribute to a disappearing craft. She sews the tea-dyed labels to the garments and attaches typewritten tags to mimic the fashion industry. Although the tags of the clothes don’

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Glendon Guo

From the artist: My thesis exhibition ‘In/On/Off (Preposition)’ shows the wide sweep of my art practice and thinking. Ranging from digital art to traditional paper-based formats, my work plays with scale, perspective, and negative space. I explore the many different possibilities of mixed-media and all the feasible relationships between different surfaces or spaces. I also strive to emphasize content and media at the same time through the manipulation of the medium that hosts the content (for example, the paper that hosts the lines and dots), I want to either introduce a two-dimensional surface into the three-dimensional space or compress the different dimensions into a specific medium that


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