Talk 3/3: Corpus Infinitum

"Corpus Infinitum" is a commentary on the work of the New York-based, Colombian artist, Carlos Motta, which considers the challenges faced by contemporary artists, whose work address the operations of coloniality, raciality, and cis-heteropatriarchy. In particular, it focuses on how Motta’s work rehearses neither the transparent aesthetic subject nor the affectable subject of social difference. While it comments on this particular artist’s work, it also provides a sketch of subjectivity corresponding to an image of the world that does not presuppose or re-produce it as an effect of the forms of discourse or an expression of the meanings of history. Professor da Silva is the author of Toward

Call for Makers!

Please consider submitting a proposal for an interactive, hands-on activity. Submit proposals here: 2020 Geneseo Call for Makers. The deadline for submissions is Friday March 6th. More information can be found at:

Coming to Frontispace : How Things Are Consumed by Mizin Shin

Frontispace is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Mizin Shin, How Things Are Consumed. Fried, baked, steamed, mashed, smashed, or boiled. One of the most popular crops worldwide, the spud is arguably the root of human nourishment. Just about 50% of vegetables consumed in the US are potatoes and tomatoes—familiar pair? How Things are Consumed depicts the interdependency of societal systems by taking the economic and industrial ecologies surrounding the manufacturing and distribution of food products—such as French fries—as an example. The value of food is in constant change through social phenomena, most notably affected by dining environments such as restaurants and fast food chain

Call for proposals: Breaking Boundaries with Video Games IV

Breaking Boundaries with Video Games IV River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY April 24, 2020 The River Campus Libraries of the University of Rochester will host a one-day event on April 24, 2020 featuring presentations about interactive media, including video games, augmented reality and virtual reality, plus a video game arcade. This is the fourth year of this annual conference, Breaking Boundaries with Video Games (BBVG), which focuses on the creation, play, study and analysis of video games. It brings together faculty, students and staff from the University of Rochester, RIT, The Strong Museum of Play and other area institutions. This event is intended as an opp

Talk today: Refugee Imaginaries

Jennifer Bajorek, Professor at Hampshire and Smith Colleges, will be delivering her talk "Refugee Imaginaries" at 5pm today in the Humanities Center Room D. Following her book Unfixed: Photography and Decolonial Imagination in West Africa (just out from Duke UP), Bajorek is now working on a project on the photographic representation of migration.

Talk 3/3: "Leonardo on Flux"

Leslie Geddes (Tulane University) will be giving a talk entitled “Leonardo on Flux” Tuesday, March 3rd from 3:30-4:30pm Humanities Center, Conference Room D


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