Experience Homeworld tomorrow!

Homeworld is art/theater installation that draws from artistic communities across the University of Rochester. Attendees will be able to explore a space in the iZone that combines science fiction, current events, and theatrical elements. It explores what it means to be human and tests the limits of transformation. Directed by Linnie Schell. For more info visit : https://events.rochester.edu/event/homeworld#.XHgM_OJKjOQ https://www.facebook.com/events/324422174869410

On Duty and Spirit 2/28

On Film is very excited to present our Spring 2019 program “On Duty & Spirit: An Evening with Reece Auguiste," with the filmmaker in attendance, next Thursday, February 28 at 6pm (Sloan Auditorium, Goergen Hall). Program: Free and open to the public - Refreshment provided Stillness Spirit (unreleased, 21 min, digital video) An experimental essay film about the largest private collection of African art in Colorado and possibly the third largest in the nation. The film is structured so that viewers may experience the collection as if walking through a gallery of African art. Duty of the Hour (2015, 59 min, digital video) Explores the life and times of the American civil rights leader Benjamin

Coming to the Gallery @ the Art and Music Library...

The Gallery @ the Art and Music Library is pleased to be exhibiting work by artist, Rebecca Wing. Wing’s artistic practice leans towards three-dimensionality but often employs thin planes and flat surfaces to do so. There’s a lot of nebulous space in between sculpture and two-dimensional modalities that she gravitates towards–partly because she is often trying to capture a mysterious moment on the verge of happening, and liminal spaces heighten that sense of ambiguity. Many of her forms and gestures are initially derived from generic objects of utility–space age vehicles, farming equipment, the concrete bars that mark a parking spot–or inadvertent situations that result from the circumstance

Want to learn more about Digital Media Studies at UR? Then join us at the DMS Fair this Thursday, 2/

The DMS program is starting this semester off by taking over Rettner Hall, Third Floor, to celebrate the DMS major and minor, and we wanted to invite you to attend! The first hour or so you can hear about DMS classes, learn about the new DMS minor, and enjoy free food and beverages. At 6:30, the DMS Class of 2019 will present their capstone projects midway through their creation. Come out and support them and hear about the great work they are doing! Thursday, February 7, 2019 Rettner Hall, Third Floor 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


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